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The team at EFGE Consulting Group has decades of experience producing and steering inclusive content for major Fortune 500 corporations, boutique agencies, media outlets and private organizations. We ensure this content articulates their key message, connects with their ideal audience and creates tangible results for their brands. Here are some of our most recent cast studies for companies we've supported...

Image by Urban Sanden
COMPANY: Global Fortune 500 technology company with over $56B in 2020 and 321,000 employees worldwide

Challenge: Launch a new, yearlong Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI) initiative to support the organization’s Black employees by providing leadership development skills, sponsor and mentor opportunities, and personal development.


Solution: Customized the company’s DEI content and facilitated a monthly cohort of Black men within the company to foster an authentic connection, meet their unique needs and concerns, create a psychologically safe space for discussion, provide leadership and personal development skills relevant to their experiences to help them successfully advance in the company.


Results: Participants in these leadership sessions experienced professional and personal success including promotions (managers to directors), developing innovative tools to improve workflow, improved self-advocacy leading to increased productivity, stronger communication skills which benefited the collective team, and more intentional work-life balance. 

Cheerful marketing people brainstorming
COMPANY: Award-winning flex-talent marketing agency with a network of more than 7,000 independent marketing experts, who augment the in-house teams of Fortune 500 brands and agencies.

Challenge: Create case studies that demonstrate the company’s unique sales proposition, written in a voice that is conversational, engaging and not sales-y. The objective of the case studies is to celebrate successful client engagements, highlight exceptional results and attract potential clients. The report is distributed widely within the advertising and marketing industry.


Solution: Interviewed multiple clients, project leads and team members to create content for the case studies to showcase the company’s successful work by leveraging their diverse talent pool and flexible work model for their global clients. Provided additional insights and quotes for this broadly distributed and read industry report.


Results: The new case studies were written with an authentic voice that highlighted the company’s unique selling proposition, which is to “complement, backfill or accelerate the in-house teams and capabilities of Fortune 500 companies and agencies with a flexible layer of highly skilled, highly diverse talent.” The case studies also positioned our client as an industry thought leader in this emerging space.

Software Engineers
COMPANY: National software (SAAS) developer celebrated as one of Inc Magazine’s 5000 fastest growing private companies

Challenge: Initially hired to improve internal communications regarding business impacts and product knowledge to boost morale and increase employee engagement. Through engagement with key stakeholders, discovered a lack of clarity internally and externally about the company's unique value proposition and mission.


Solution: Interviewed internal department heads to determine communication gaps and opportunities for more employee support within the organization. Audited all external communications and brand messaging to understand how they were positioning their products and services to consumers and corporate clients.


Results: Worked with Human Resources, department heads and internal product development teams to build a comprehensive intranet to serve as a resource for new and existing employees to get access to information about the company, benefits, policies, products, services and more. Content included a weekly CEO video message, employee profiles and company-related games, which allowed employees to win prizes and feel celebrated. Also presented our external communications audit findings to C-Suite executives along with a strategy for refining the brand story and developing language to effectively illustrate service offerings.

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